Because sometimes our job is actually to help bustle dresses, stand on chairs (and other inanimate objects) for the shot, hold umbrellas over our cameras in the pouring rain, get in each other’s shots, and genuinely crack up over the most ridiculous things (ten hours on your feet makes for some good stories.) Also, the two precious friends pictured below shot twenty 8-10 hour wedding days by my side last year, and I can never thank them enough for not only killing every one, keeping me sane and smiling through it all, but serving my brides and couples as their own. If you know them: you just know.

      Christina Kiger and Taylor Gill, you are SO adored and appreciated.

      Enjoy some of my favorite behind the scenes looks at 2016!

      eaker-wedding-taylor-92Dear Christina. You make work days fun, and I’m so darn thankful for the gift you are. 


      vermillion-wedding-983vermillion-wedding-1083vermillion-wedding-976Don’t have a clue what I’d do without this girl. Thanks for all the laughs and best days, Tay.

                                                                              And that’s a wrap! Cheers to 2017, friends.