“If the wind goes where you send it so will I.”

      There are moments the Lord’s voice is so clear, so full of invitation you can’t wait to say yes. When I watched Heaven Come conference in the summer of last year, I knew I’d be meeting Him in Los Angeles the following fall for the next one. It was honestly a moment of saying yes before I really knew why, but I’m learning our blind, bold “yes” is the firmest ground we can stand on. I bought two tickets in faith someone would want to join me (lol) and I’m so thankful my sweet Christina was that someone. We went with expectant hearts, with palms up and eyes open. We arrived a couple days early for a night in Laguna, explored for days and played behind our cameras.

      And just like the Lord, it wasn’t until after that I knew what this trip was for. It wasn’t until I was home and still and soaking in the wonder of these days that He told me they were for dreaming again. They were for renewed vision, for a freedom long forgotten, for bold declarations of “yes and amen”, and “I’ll follow You anywhere.” They were marked by His presence and gift after gift, that left us more in awe of Him than when we came. California was a commissioning.

      A few highlights included:

      The time I booked our car rental at the wrong Enterprise location, only to get there and get upgraded to a BMW convertible lol. Jesus really does give better gifts than we ask for. 

      Top down cruising into Laguna Beach at dusk, chilled to the bone singing John Mayer and the Eagles at the top of our lungs. 

      Finding the dreamiest little coffee shop in all of LA. 

      Stepping off our hotel steps for coffee on the beach.

      Stumbling upon the holy grail of urban outfitters.

      Three days of extravagant worship.

      Creating solely for the sake of creating. 

      Arriving at our hotel downtown with our jaws dropped open.

      Remembering that Hollywood is a lot like Myrtle Beach and to never return. 

      Palm trees. All of the palm trees.

      Catching that California joy and not letting it go.

      Thank you Lord– “Sometimes wonder looks like sitting in LA traffic watching the sun go down. Sometimes it looks like stepping off your hotel steps at sunrise, coffee in hand, waves turning before us. New mercies every morn. I prayed we’d wake up with wonder and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”