This past August, my grandparents celebrated 55 years of marriage together.

      Fifty five. Fifty five years of sacrificial love, forgiveness, laughter, hardships and triumphs. Fifty five precious years of commitment, of choosing one another and choosing to love, no matter the circumstance. The fact that she still sees him as the funniest person in the world, and that he still calls her his bride and his angel. It’s in the way he makes her laugh, and the way she’s always remained his constant one, gentle and graceful in all that she does. The way they complete each others thoughts, help one another with crossword puzzles and Jeopardy, still hold hands, and share their favorite meal at all their favorite restaurants.

      They have shown me time and time again that love is the greatest thing worth fighting for, and have always given me a glimpse of something worth hoping for:

      That through it all, even against all odds, when our eyes are on Him, we can always choose love. 

      I pray with my whole heart this milestone would be celebrated to no end. I love you, Mom and Papa.