The Heart Behind



      I’m Emma, lover of sweet coffee, road trips, all things cozy, and the Blue Ridge Mountains I called home. Jesus is my Lord and I am thankful that He calls the shots with this small beloved business of mine. He has blown my mind time and time again with “immeasurably more,” and for that I am humbled and grateful. I believe in being still, in slowing down to savor and taste and see that He is good. I believe in the kind of art that frees our souls, and in the kind of love that leaves you breathless and better for knowing it.
      I believe I was created to see life from behind a camera. To capture connection and beauty and joy in it’s deepest form. To hold your emotion in time and capture the hearts behind them. To hold your story close, the one that deserves to be shared in truth and intentionality and beauty. For me that life is found not in perfectly posed images, but your most intimate ones, your delicate and true. It’s your dad’s face on your wedding day, tears streaming with pride and joy. It’s in the unplanned, unexpected, and imperfect, our mess that expresses a moment in the exact way you’d hope to remember it forever. It’s the fleeting hours, the sacred spaces, your dream of a wedding day or the most ordinary day of all. The things that make us smile a little harder and rejoice and squeal and praise and cry.
      I’d love to know you, to sip coffee with you, and photograph you wherever you may be. In the meantime, stay awhile and enjoy-