“God of mercy, sweet love of mine; I have surrendered to Your design. May this offering stretch across the skies, and these hallelujahs be multiplied.” – Needtobreathe

      When Erin contacted me about possibly shooting her wedding, I was humbled and flattered. Then I was speechless. I had yet to photograph a wedding as lead shooter and I had for so long fully convinced myself that I could not possibly do something so important. It was a job that I “wasn’t ready for yet”, even as much as I longed to pursue it. But the truth was (as I would soon find out as I wholeheartedly said yes), it was never about feeling ready. What are we really ever ready for? Faith calls us to step out into our dreams, into a life that doesn’t slow down while we sit on our hands and wait. So I said yes, honestly because I couldn’t think of a reason to say no. I said yes, knowing in my heart it was the only answer. As believers we are called to claim His promises and to step out in His name. We are called to know that our strength and sufficiency is in Him alone, and not in our own abilities, talents, or perceived gifts. I said yes because we all start somewhere. I said yes because no was no longer an option. And just so happens, that very same day I said yes I had finished up the first draft of my wedding contract. Jesus’ timing is lovely.

      Erin and Kyle are so kind. They are easygoing, they treated me like a friend they’d known for years, they are as down to earth as they come. They uninhibitedly welcomed me in to their story, their day was full of praying for rain to hold off against all odds, and her father covering the two of them in his blessing. It was teary-eyes, and excited sister hugs. It was the expression on Kyle’s face as he beheld his bride for the first time. And it was Erin’s joy, holding back tears until she no longer could. The ceremony glorified Christ, the first dance left me misty eyed, and the entire day was such a gift. 

      I hope you enjoy this day that left me with sore feet, breathless and full of joy. Thank you Erin and Kyle for your kindness, and the way your selfless, genuine spirits make everyone around you better for having known you. 

      ps: thank you to my lovely, most talented Taylor Gill! You’re my girl.











      Emma what a blessing you are! Thank you so much for your sweet words. We were honored to be your first wedding and so blessed to have found such an amazing photographer and friend. These pictures are such a beautiful tribute to our special day and will be treasured and passed on for years to come.