“In his arms she fell, as her hair came down, among the fields of gold.”

      It was one of the sweetest sessions I’ve ever been invited into. These two, running free through fields of gold, practicing their vows to one another. She wrapped up in her grandmother’s quilt and talked about the plans they’d make. They whispered and laughed and held one another close, and ran until the moon came out. One time he glanced at her and said “hey, you wanna put a house here?” and then and there I realized the sweet weight of glory in my job. That it will always be about the answered prayers and grins that hold promises of what’s ahead. It will always be about a good good Father who gives perfect gifts to his children, gifts that make us dance in fields with unbridled joy, and cling to the ones that point us back to perfect love. I know the best is still yet to come for these two and I can’t wait to witness it.